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Place bets on your favorite horses and cheer them to the finish line. We have several horse race programs including shows with team building aspects or comedy races that will delight your crowd.

Here at Game Shows for You we have several versions of a Horse Race. You can place bets in our "Cinema Horse Race" where your guests are given a "virtual race program" and bet on live horse races from all of time. 

Players will make guesses on horses to win, place, show and even some exotic bets to prove themselves the luckiest gambler for the night.

Horse race.png


If you like your horse race with a little more strategy, and teamwork, then At the Races is the game for you.

In this horse race you work with your team to decide if you want to bet on a horse to win, train a horse or sabotage a horse so that you can make a bigger gain. After the betting period all the decision are calculated by the program, and a virtual horse race based on all the bets and decisions from the teams is created. Work with your team, plan out your strategy, and win the day! Available for LIVE and Virtual events!

Horse Race.jpg


If you like your horse race to involve a trojan horse, zebras, karaoke singers and japanese announcers do we have the Horse Race for you.

Just like our standard cinema horse race, your guests will be making guesses about the outcome of the races, however the "horses" are ANYTHING but standard. In some races they are all made out of cardobard, in others a double length horse with two jockeys might be facing an elephant wearing a horse mask on its trunk. The races are wacky, and weird and fantastic. Avaikable for both in person and virtual events.

NOTE: Some scenes might be considered a little to adult for some. Please talk to us about the event if you think this could be an issue.

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