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When many folks think of a wedding reception they think of a dance party, but we think that is only one of many options that are available for your special day. Maybe you would rather have a karaoke party, or a trivia event, or a full blown game show. We have years of experience DJing wedding events, making sure that you can have an event that might be taylored to less conventional tastes, while also making sure there is music for the dinner hour, family dances, toasts, ceremony around the cake cutting and a bouquet toss. 

Additionally, even if your dream wedding reception includes a dance party, there are still events including family get-togethers, bachelor/bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners that are the PERFECT time to try a game show like the Happy Couple Game, Survey Says or a night of Newlywed Trivia about you, your pets, your loves, fandoms, favorite teams, movies and obsessions. 

Our guiding principal is that EVERYONE DESERVES TO HAVE FUN, we are here to help everyone have as much fun as possible. 

Dancing Grooms


Partying with Friends


Your Special Day, in a Different Way.

We can take care of your full event, this can include DJing music, taking requests, working on the time line, making sure all the toasts and dances run on time, running game shows/karaoke during the main entertainment and cocktail hours and finally sending everyone off with a big last dance!

Services for weddings can include:


Master Of Ceremoies


Trivia Night Events

Game Shows

Pricing starts at $1,000

Entertainment between the Ceremony
and the Reception.

When planning your special day, one thing many couples forget to think about is what their guests are going to be doing in the time between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception. Everyone knows folks will get drinks and maybe a hors d'oeuvre, but what about AFTER that.

We can fix that awkward middle period with a multiplayer trivia experience. As your guests come into the event they are greeted by our host who explains how to join the game (we use NFC devices and QR codes. You can even put the QR code in your program).

Once players have entered the game on their phones we can ask custom questions about the newlyweds or any of over 500 categories to pass the time, and entertain the crowd.

Pricing starts at $650



Karaoke Party


A great way to help all those out-of-towners
have fun while in town.

Often we plan the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, but once dinner is over, most folks are left asking "now what?" Game Shows are a great way to help start conversations with family and friends, and are great icebreakers. We can set up in the restaurant or hotel your already using, and provide great games like Survey Says, The Happy Couple Game or for competitive types a full range of well known TV style game shows. 

Pricing starts at $750

A great way to have a celebration for your friends, and have full reign of the entertainment.

Everyone parties differently.

Some folks rent a party bus and travel bar to bar having a wild night around group after group of people. Others would prefer to have a private experience, with their own bar in surroundings that are more comfortable, where your group is the ONLY client for the night.

If you are of that mindset, we would love to help you find the fun you deserve. We can provide game shows, pub games and karaoke that includes the classic bar version of karaoke (with a screen facing the singer so they can perform) and the classic room version of karaoke (with a screen facing everyone so they can sing together) or combines them. We can also provide a host that takes control of the event, or simply remains out of the way, and is available only for tech issues, while you and your guests have full control of the evening. Guests use NFC devices and QR codes to check out our songbook of over 40,000 songs and make requests right on their phones. 

Pricing starts at $750

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