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Our massively multiplayer trivia game, that CAN play from 2-1000+ players at one time! Available either as a virtual event OR a live event.

Players access the game on their own device (phone, tablet or for virtual events internet browser window). The host presents a URL and/or a QR code for players to scan to get in. Questions are presented by the host on screen (if available) and on players devices. Players compete to get to the top of the leaderboard.

- Individual and Team formats are available.

- Logo customization is available for this game. 

- Most "episodes" are formatted to play in 30 minutes, but can be adjusted to fit your event.

- We have well over 100 categories to choose from, each episode can be a different category to appeal to more players.

- This format can also be used for opinion games like Survey Says, and The IN Crowd.

For corporate clients looking for long term games for employee engagement, "host free" versions of the game are available that employees can access at their leisure. 

Keep scrolling to see what the game looks like for participants.

Question screen.jpg


Here is what a question looks like on the presentation screen.

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Quiz time leaderboard.jpg


Here is what the leaderboard looks like on the presentation screen. The top 100 players will be shown, with the Top 3 ALWAYS on screen.

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player screen.jpg


Here is what a question looks like while you are playing the game. You simply touch the answer you think is right on your device.

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