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The classic game show that makes you well "NO WHAMMYS!! NO WHAMMYS!! STOP!" is available for your next live event. This game plays 3 players at once, but we can pair it with another game to give players a chance to win their way to Take A Chance.

In our version players begin the game by playing Captain Obvious where players try to find the odd picture and ring in while it's featured.

After a round of Captain Obvious players head to the money board, and try to Take A Chance to get as much money as possible, without running into the Pirate, because he will take all your money. 

At the end of the round, the player with the most money wins.

Take a chance.png
Screenshot (2).png


Pick out the odd image, and time your buzzer to win spins on The Big Money Board.

Screenshot (3).png


In this round players Take A Chance and Press their Luck has far as they can to win more money than their opponents. Will you keep the money, or face the pirate?

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